What's up with Scott?

Despite appearances, Geezer Scott hasn't given up.

By Scott Sharp

I’ve offered a bit of an introduction to myself in the Welcome to Geezerology post, and my plan is to use most blog posts going forward to tell you more and more about me. 

But here are the basics: I am a mid-point Baby Boomer who has been emotionally attached to rock music to one degree or another since I was a youngster. It started at some time in my first decade when my family lived next-door to the hangout tavern in the basement of my grandparents’ house. They had a jukebox dominated by what I like to call the beach-movie phase as rock-and-roll was bursting into the mainstream – singers like Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Elvis, Annette, Ricky Nelson, eventually drifting into the British Invasion era. When the jukebox guy would come now and then to freshen up the thing, the old 45s he pulled out of the machine would be tossed into a pile in a cardboard box Grandpa would deliver to my bedroom, where I would spend hours sampling all those treasures on the old hand-me-down console record player. 

Most of my journey from then until now will be chronicled in some form or another as Bob and I go forward with this blog. Currently, I am, as always, in discovery mode. As much as they may suck for the artists who haven’t yet figured out how to adjust, the streaming music services and YouTube are great for people like me. The abundance of choices are overwhelming sometimes, but the listening and learning opportunities today are quite literally endless. 

That’s what I plan to write about and share with you.

Want to contact me? Feel free to send me an email (scott@geezerology.com).

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  1. OMG. My first sound system also was a console record player/radio that migrated from my parents' living room to my bedroom. Little did they know the monster they were creating when they let me take possession of that behemoth.


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